Sunday, August 29, 2010

Improper Proposal

We all know how it goes.  He takes her out on a beautiful date, they have a really romantic time, there are all sorts of special touches to remind them of their first date, and then BOOM, he surprises her by popping the question in some creative, remarkable way.

But not every proposal is so perfect.  Sometimes, the question is popped randomly, while talking on the phone, or doing something else completely arbitrary.  Sometimes, the woman is the one who asks the question.  Sometimes the proposal is rejected outright.  I get the feeling that most men don't pop the question without talking about the prospect of marriage first.  I know Joshua and I had decided to get married long before the official proposal.

But he wasn't getting off the hook for the real thing.  Who cares if the significance of it is lost, I wanted it!  The surprise, and that special feeling!  We'd talked about it before, with me dropping strong hints that I'd love to have him propose during the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention.  It flew right over his head, so about two weeks before the convention, I brought it up again in a more direct, "You're going to do this for me," fashion.

There went some of the surprise factor.  Oops.  But he spent the next few weeks running around, trying to find a ring for me.  He took me with him to the fine jewelry store to look at options, but the final choice was all his.  And then, it was the weekend of MTAC.  I was excited about it all weekend, expecting it to pop up out of nowhere.  Was he going to propose during the romantic ball?  Nope.  Maybe in the middle of the largest event on Saturday?  Nope.  I waited all weekend long, and finally the convention is winding down to its last event.  And in an expectable fashion, he 'randomly' gets called up on stage with a group, and of course I get pulled up on stage with him.

But still, even though I was a bit annoyed by the lack of surpise, I was excited.  And even though we had both already agreed to this, I felt touched.  I even shed a tear or two.  And even as I complained to him afterwards, reminding him that I wasn't surprised, I know I was smiling.  Perfect?  Nah, but I realized that perfection doesn't really matter.

So the proposal was poorly planned, but still a success.

Proposal Photos.

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