The Blog

Poor Wedding Planning is a look at wedding planning from the eyes of a very, very inexperienced person with an almost non-existent budget.  Hopefully, this blog will be a place to let off some steam and laugh along the way, while still helping in some way to pull off an event that doesn't just look like the product of a discount party store.

     The Couple

Carolyn Mae Brown is an entry level interior designer with a bachelor's degree from O'More College of Design.  Her aesthetic is based on the beauty of mathematics combined with the more abstract concept of aesthetic beauty.  She's using her artistic talents to help design her wedding from the ground up.

Joshua Mark Neely is her fiance, who is currently starting out as a new car salesman.  Don't let the title fool you, Joshua is a genuinely honest, sweet, and caring person.  He loves learning new things, and is especially talented at using computers.  He has some input to the wedding plans, but overall he tries to let Carolyn do as she pleases.

As a couple, Joshua and Carolyn have been together since May of 2003, when they were both about to start their Junior year in high school.  They fell in love over the next two years, and around the end of 2005, after Carolyn had started college, they decided to devote their lives to one another.  Although they had already made the choice, they also decided to wait until after Carolyn graduated to celebrate their nuptials.  Finally, in 2009, Carolyn graduated, and the Poor Wedding Planning could begin!