Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ahh, Moms

I love my mom.  I've been falling a bit behind on wedding planning, with the impending holidays, visitors, cleaning, and other general distractions.  But when my mom came to visit, she came with new excitement towards my wedding, and her energy gave me new energy towards my wedding.

For anybody reading this planning their own weddings, if you're trying to save money, you might consider asking for wedding-crafting supplies for Christmas or Birthdays.  Even without asking for it, though, my mom came laden down with a pair of toasting glasses, a wedding photo album, a simple white bouquet, and a spool of orange ribbon.  Of these things, I probably only would've bought the ribbon for myself, but I'm glad to have all of them.

I've already played with the bouquet.  It's almost painfully simple and plain, and so I've added some brightly colored paper cranes and orange ribbon to brighten it up and give it more life.  I'll probably change it up a little more before the wedding, maybe even dying the white flowers to make them pop more.

Regardless, between taking a visit to my venue, talking about wedding stuff, finally getting a chance to try on my wedding dress in front of somebody that I know, and knowing that somebody out there is as interested in all of this as I am, I feel ready to tackle the world again.  Bring it on, wedding industry!

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