Monday, December 13, 2010

This is Delicious Cake

Wedding cakes these days range from classic and beautiful, crazy and fun, and everywhere in between.  Personally, I like both ends of the scale, but for my wedding, I'm aiming more for a beautiful cake.  I love the drama of a tiered cake, but not the cost.  Even supermarket cakes can cost a lot, and those taste vaguely like overly sweet cardboard.

So easy, anybody could do it.
I love baking.  I'd like to think I'm pretty good at making cakes, cookies, and other sweets that are delicious.  I've even worked in a bakery (albeit a supermarket bakery).  However, my work at that supermarket taught me just enough to know that I can't decorate cakes worth anything.  I'm sure I could get better with practice, but I'm going to take a simpler, more foolproof method.

For the cake flavors, I'm going to make an assortment.  The largest, bottom tiered cake will probably be an almond cake with an apricot filling.  The second tier will be an orange/chocolate cake with orange filling, and the top tier will be a carrot cake with cream cheese inside.  I love that even the cake flavors will match my color scheme, while being absolutely delicious.

As for the decorations, I'm going to ice the cakes (possibly with store bought tubs of icing; I'm probably going to be quite busy the days before my wedding) separately, probably with different icings on each one.  Before you get fussy, it shouldn't matter much in the end.  On the day of my wedding, I'm going to stack the tiers with supports in between, and finish decorating.

The decorations themselves will be edible.  I plan on doing slabs of orange and white colored white chocolate, tied on with a silver ribbon for both the top and bottom tiers.  The middle tier will be surrounded by pocky, both chocolate and orange flavored.  Though I expect that it might take a while to get right, I love how this decor is basically foolproof, and lets me use the icing that'll taste best with each cake, without worrying about looks.

I might wind up changing my mind, but so far, this seems like a pretty sure plan.  I might change my decoration strategy, if my practice session for decorating turns out too badly.  But I think this'll be a sweet end to a delicious meal, and great eye candy, to boot!

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