Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm not usually one to fuss much with my hair.  But I do fuss with it for special days and when I want to look especially nice, so it's a given that I'll be doing something special for my wedding.  I thought about growing my hair out for the wedding. It's actually a bit long right now, brushing my shoulders.  But I can't stand it at this length, and it's not really me.

Keeping my hair at a chin length bob, and getting the ends curled just slightly outward is totally me, though.  The website I got that image from says that that's Katie Holmes, and I'll have to take it's word for it.  (Sorry, I just don't care one lick about celebrities, normally), but I usually associate this hairstyle with Yuna.  Either way, it's cute, and the car spent in curling it and getting it to lay down smoothly will make it special.

I'm thinking about using a fascinator, or a headband or something, too.  Something a bit low key would be nice, though I'd love for it to have some paper cranes on it.  I'll probably be making something myself, but I love how cute they look.  This one is really great, scale wise.  With cranes in my color, I think it could look really great.

If I do a veil, it'll probably be a small birdcage veil attached to my fascinator.  But I'm more likely to find a lovely bit of lace to attach than anything like a veil.  though, maybe if it could look this awesome, I'd go for more of a veil look.  But definitely white; colored veils are adorable, but not for me.  But no matter what I do, I don't see myself going for any sort of long, trailing veil.  I just don't want one.

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