Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grooms and groomsmen

Joshua still hasn't officially selected his groomsmen, but that doesn't stop me from dressing the men of the wedding up!  Now, though I have tastes that are a bit more laid back, I know Joshua loves the formal and ritzy and classic sort of things.  And he really, really loves a good, old fashioned tuxedo.  So I'm having to suck up my modern tastes for his sake, here.

So probably, for Joshua, we'll be renting him a good, classic sort of tux.  I'm only hoping that I can talk him out of the bow tie; they're cute on some guys, but I don't think it'd suit my sweetie.  I much prefer a regular tie, or even better, a cravat.  Something about them just makes me happy.  But I definitely want him in a silver/gray waistcoat.

But for the groomsmen, I don't know if I want the full dressed up tux look.  After all, my bridesmaids are going to be mismatched and a bit more casual; why force them men to look like stuffed up pigs?  One option would be to have them in white dress shirts, black slacks, and an orange tie (to contrast my gray ladies), but I'd also love if they could wear orange vests or waistcoats.
I'll have to look into the cost of each option for the groomsmen, though.  I have a vague idea of who Joshua might be asking to be on his side, and there's a chance that we might have to pay for the attire of one of them ourselves.  Big and tall attire, at that.  But even if we just stick with a simple look, how many groomsmen are down to just their shirt and tie by the end of the night anyways?  And it's a classic, good look.  Besides, a great stripe or polka dot would make the ties fun and fabulous!

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