Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Colors, Colors, Colors!

Though weddings were traditionally the time for white to shine, it's since opened up to all sorts of possibilities.  I've seen brides rocking it out in dresses in every color of the rainbow, though red seems to be especially popular.  In terms of decor colors, you're no longer limited to red roses, but whatever color of the rainbow suits you.  A lot of brides have been going for Peacock lately, or the stricking combo of black and white.  But I need something brighter, something more poppy.

Something more orange.  Paired with gray, it makes a striking combo that's hard to ignore.  Martha Stewart calls it Marigold and Pewter, but if I was going to attach a frou frou name to this particular, yellowy orange, I'd have to pick Apricot.  So, Apricot and Pewter it is!

My bridesmaids originally balked when I mentioned orange, so I'm happy to let them wear silver or gray dresses.  My own dress is white, so tradition still runs strong in me there.  But I plan to pop up every possible accessory with as much orange as I can squeeze in.

It's not the most traditional of color combos, or really too popular, but that should help me save some money. Besides, when you love a color as much as I love orange, nothing else really matters.  I'm crazy about these colors.

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