Friday, September 24, 2010

The Game

So I've been focusing on music for the last few updates, and while dancing is the main entertainment at most weddings, that won't really cut it for ours.   Most of our wedding guests are family, and a lot of our family members don't dance, either for religious reasons or simply because they don't enjoy it.  Though I could dance the night away, and have a great time doing it, the last thing I want is for all of my guests to be bored.  Instead, they get board games!

For my family, playing board games has long been our way of having fun as a family.  I'm hoping that even my older brother, who has Asperger's and difficulty in social settings, will be able to loosen up and have fun if I let him bring a deck of Magic the Gathering cards and play with Joshua, his groomsmen, and my other brother for awhile.  And for our other family members who aren't as familiar with that game, we can have fun, easy to play games.

Some of the games I'm planning on having include Scattergories (a long time family favorite of mine), Apples to Apples (a newer family tradition, and a great party game!), Carcassonne, and any other games I can borrow from family and friends.  On top of premade games, I'll also be bringing several decks of cards, large pads of paper for Pictionary, and cards with items to either draw for Pictionary or act out for Charades.

Some advice I've gotten from other folks who have thrown board game parties include making sure I have extra dice, pads of paper, golf pencils, and games that the kids can play.  On top of that, board games can actually get rather pricey, so I should try to borrow as many as I can, instead of buying them.  However, I'll probably try to pick up a few games from the store, for the wedding and beyond.  For example, a boxed version of the Newlywed Game might be even more fun when we're truly newlywed.

I'm still looking into the logistics, and trying to figure out how to get guests to play games without having to spend the whole reception playing with everybody (I want some time to dance), but no matter how it turns out, the reception should be a blast.

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