Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reception Music

What better way to follow up the ceremony than with a reception?  I can't say I've narrowed down all of my music choices yet, but I have a few ideas for songs that I'd like played during the reception.  We're going with the cheap and easy 'iPod' DJ, where we create some mp3 playlists and just mash go for instant entertainment!  Playing off the abundance of video game music during the ceremony, I'm going to use a game song for our first dance, too.

However, Joshua and I are actually disagreeing on which song we should use for our first dance.  While I'm a huge fan of "Eyes On Me" (as seen in the above video), Joshua really wants to do a more classical dance, like a waltz.  Or the 'Waltz For The Moon'.  While this would be crazy impressive, I'm not sure if either of us has the patience to learn that whole dance without bickering at each other.  I think this'll just become a 'we'll see' thing and we'll be flexible either way.

If it were entirely my own wedding and my own day, the playlist would be composed of little more than often obscure, but still awesome techno, bubblegum pop, and just general dance tunes.  While a lot of people have heard Just Dance (Lady GaGa), or Listen To Your Heart Remix (DHT), and though I'm sure a lot of people would at least recognize Dragostea Din Tei (O-Zone), I sometimes wonder how many people, especially the older crowd, would really get pumped over this sort of music.

So, I'm also planning on including some softer songs, perhaps for slow dances or for the regular crowd.  I can still include my quirky tastes, even here, though.  For example, the Mario Kart Love Song (Sam Hart) is incredibly sweet, and I really adore Love Songs (Anjulie).  Now the only problem is trying to get people to dance to songs that they may or may not be familiar with.

And so, the final song group will be more familiar songs that everybody knows and can dance to.  Or at least enjoy.  Some that I'm thinking about are Bubbly (Colbie Caillat), the Cha Cha Slide (DJ Casper Remix), and Cotton Eyed Joe (RedNex; a Swedish band).  The hardest part will be creating an attractive mix of songs that are both representative of us as a couple, and dancable by our family and friends.  But I have a backup plan, in case I can't get butts out of seats and shaking on the dance floor.  That's for Friday, though.

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