Friday, October 15, 2010


Of course, everybody wants to hear all about the linens and tableware, but what really gets the eyes popping is centerpieces.  To add a bit of light and drama to the tables, I'm going to start with low lying tea candles in glass holders, which I already bought at a steal; I paid 8 cents for 24 of them!  I'm not kidding!  Thank you Dollar General, and your hidden penny rack!  And thank you Joshua, for working there when these hit that rack!  In the candleholders are orange-colored pumpkin spice scented candles, which were considerably more expensive than the holders but worth the cost for the extra pop they give.

I love these little candleholders!
In the center of the tables (or perhaps two per table, as they're rather long), I'm going to have a stack of books, covered in paper matching the colors of my wedding (which I hope to find on sale after the holiday season), and tied off with a ribbon and a bow.  I'll probably also have a small bouquet of paper cranes tied on, as well, in a simple, elegant sort of way.

It'll look a bit like this, but probably a little bit more bright and fun.  I only hope that it'll still look elegant.  The books I'll be using are encyclopedias, which I already have around the house and are thus free.  I've seen some like this with huge, elaborate bouquets on top, but I don't really think that looks quite as simply elegant as a single stem would lying on top of the books.  I could see a red rose looking just stunning.  But I'll probably do a very small, simple white crane bouquet tied parallel to the books (as in, just lying on top of them), tied with white ribbon and a simple bow.

I'll have to be sure to take photos when I work on the actual project.  For now, though, I'm looking at papers that might work for covering the books.  Here are just a few of my favorites.  I could even get personalized wrapping paper, if I was so inclined.  I don't think I will, but it's cool that it's out there.  Though I love looking at these patterns online, I'll probably be making my purchases at stores I can travel to in person.  I might also dye some of my own wrapping paper, the same way I have for my origami paper.  But I think I have a pretty solid plan of attack, no matter what paper I pick.

One of these days, I'm might actually start accomplishing something.  Can you believe I ever had my wedding planned for TOMORROW?!?  Drives me crazy thinking about it!

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