Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Drink Ideas!

Did I say Monday?  I meant Wednesday.  Conventions are exhausting!  But it's alright, because I'm back again with another fantastic drink idea (or two) for the wedding.  Both of these come in a variety of flavors, are fun, and feel really special while being more budget friendly than alcohol is!

Both my fiance and I LOVE Italian sodas, so we know it would be a lot of fun to have at the wedding.  We just buy several bottles of syrup and lots of seltzer water.  And you get to watch as people have fun making their own sodas, mixing up all night and enjoying their interactive drinks.  Plus, it gives us something bubbly to toast with, which is always nice.  It could get a little pricey, depending on how many different syrups we get, but I think if we stick to about 5-6 options, we should be alright.

We already have a large container of blueberry syrup, and I know Joshua LOVES blueberries, so that's probably one of our flavors already!  Add to that blood orange, vanilla, sugar-free strawberry (for those on a diet or with diabetes), apple, and our personal favorite, hazelnut, and you have a fun variety of flavors to pick from.  I like Torani syrup, but mostly because that's all I ever seem to see.

Another idea that makes our beverages fun is to have bubble teas.  These are fun, flavorful teas and fruit drinks with large tapioca pearls floating in the bottom for a fun to look at drink.  They're really yummy, and come in a large variety of flavors.  Plus, guests can have fun making their own, and learning how to make something new.

I found a really great kit with everything I'd need (except water and ice) for $65 plus shipping and handling from Boba Tea Direct.  I just know I'll have trouble limiting myself to three different flavors.  The only disadvantage to this idea for me is that it's not as diet/diabetes friendly as the Italian sodas, so I'd need to have another plan.  But I love both of these ideas, and I'll probably wind up using the cheaper one and watching my guests enjoy themselves in spite of the lack of alcohol.

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