Monday, October 18, 2010


Ah, joy.  You know how I said I wasn't setting my heart on a date.  It's good that I didn't.  I finally got around to asking my last bridesmaid to be a bridesmaid the other day, and she reminded me that the weekend I was planning to have my wedding on might be Passover.  A quick check, and yup, it sure is!  I'd really hate for my friend to not be able to enjoy our delicious food (especially after I spent the first half of the phone call bragging about how delicious it was all going to be), so I'm probably going to reschedule.

Passover Seder is actually really fun to celebrate!
It's fine.  I still haven't set anything in stone (tick tock goes the clock!).  I'm still not sinking my heart completely on this date, as other family issues might have me changing it again, but now, I'm aiming for either April 9th or 10th, depending on whether I choose Saturday or Sunday.  I like Sunday because it's easier for several guests I can think off right off the bat.  But I know Saturday is more traditional, and I'd hate to interrupt family who go to church.

But 4:00 in the afternoon is WAY after church.  And most of my guests are local, or have at most a 1 1/2 hour drive home, which should be plenty of time to get back for work, especially since I'm having an afternoon wedding instead of an evening wedding.  Oh my, I'm rambling.  But this is how my brain works.  Maybe I'm spending too much time trying to cater to our guests, but for the few people I'm inviting, I really want them to be able to come.

Oh well, I'll figure out the details later.  Oh, and just to let anybody who actively follows know, I'm going to be taking a writing break for the rest of this week.  I'm going to a convention this weekend, and need time to prepare for that.  So I'll be back again with new inspiration next Monday!

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