Monday, October 11, 2010

Setting the Tables

Since I'm (probably) having my reception inside a picnic pavilion, I know I need to find a good way to dress up those scruffy old picnic tables!  The trick here will be to decorate the tables without them looking cheap, and without spending an arm, a leg, and a half on tablecloths, centerpieces, and other pieces that are usually far too expensive for their own good.

I sorta like the look of that table, though I think a shorter tablecloth with give a lighter, airier feel that will seem more luxurious in the end.  But the most important part is that the tablecloth is really light, and casual.  Not those weighted down polyester tablecloths I see at far too many weddings.  And plastic tablecloths (though I considered it) are right out!  They look obviously cheap.  But renting tablecloths gets pretty expensive, pretty fast.  Even the cheapest linens seem to be about $10 per table, which adds up pretty fast when you consider all of the tables for guests, food, and gifts and such.

Instead, I'm opting to DIY my tablecloths.  I'm going to Wal-Mart, to track down some plain white fabric on their $1.50 a yard rack, and hemming the edges to create a smooth, lovely tablecloth.  It's really quite simple, and only requires a little bit of monotonous work.  If I can get my mom to bring her sewing machine with her (we'll see) or if I can get one as a gift sometime, then I can have these knocked out in one or two days.  Heck, I could even get some fabric tape or glue, and use that to finish the edges quickly and easily.

I've actually already scored some orange, translucent fabric that I'm going to use for overlays on a few of the tables.  Unfortunately, I don't have enough for all of the tables, but I bought all that they had, so what else could I do?  Regardless, it's really great; a little iridescent, with large, velvety flowers throughout.  It'll add some real pizazz to some of my tables, and if I spread them out properly, it'll make all the tables pop more.

As soon as I've completely narrowed down my venue (I'm waiting for a visit from my mother to approve my top choice, though if she doesn't visit soon, I'll have to jump on it anyways), I'll go out and measure the tables that need covering.  Then, you just add the height of the table x2 on each side, plus 1 inch for hemming, and you have a full length tablecloth that'll brush the ground.  I'm actually probably going to add only 1x the height of the table, so I get tablecloths that drop to midway down the table.

Anyways, more table details coming up on Wednesday!  Watch for it!

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